Don't disturb grandpa when he's napping

My gandparents on my dad's side lived in Mt. Vernon, New York. I have very few memories of them. Grandpa Milton passed away when I was in 4th or maybe 5th grade. And Grandma Sylvia when I was in junior high school. We rarely saw them - thus, the lack of memories. But I vividly recall the time I bumped into Milton's chair while he was taking a nap. I believe it was during Thanksgiving, and so the perfect time to share this memory. We'd driven to Mt Vernon from Rockford, Illino

I'm not a math person

When I pull the curtain back and peer into my past, what’s the first thing I see? Lincoln Elementary School in Missoula, Montana. An old brick building, maybe three stories, more likely two. Out the front door and down the stone stairwell is a set of swings I’d once fallen from—a different memory, but just as vivid because the pain that shot through my face when it hit the dirt was excruciating. I’m sitting in a desk in a classroom, wooden floors. I’m in first grade. There’s